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Mine’s a large one

Day Ten:

Back at the same Hotel, The Mercure Sevilla. Turned out to be a very interesting and eventful day. After breakfast I browsed around the old town buying a few souvenirs, and then discovered an exclusive cigar emporium where connoisseurs can have their own private store and come to smoke them in comfort. The whole place is one big, cool humidor (cool as in temperature rather than necessarily ‘cool’ if you see what I mean), and it was a relief to be in there, away from what had become a very hot day.

In a room just off the smoking lounge there’s a chap who makes the cigars from scratch in front of you. On that day he was commissioned to roll a supply of enormous ones which were for club members only. For me they’d probably have a 2 week rating but the chap reckoned they were good for half a day each.

After that, a bit of lunch and then I aimlessly wandered into the Park Central Hotel to try to get a wi-fi connection on the mobile.

I’d just sat down and ordered some tea when an announcement was made that a fashion show was about to begin! Perfect timing!

Evening came and after a bit more music back in ‘my’ hotel lobby by the same band I’d seen when I first arrived, it was time to hit the night spots again.

I finally ended up at the legendary Floridita bar known for Ernest Hemingway’s patronage (amongst most of the others it seems) which specialises in what are celebrated as the World’s best daiquiris. The band were playing some Salsa music and many of the clientele were dancing; I was leaning on the bar (as is my wont!) sipping my second daiquiri when an attractive woman whose dancing partner had just sat down somewhat exhausted it seemed, beckoned me to join her. Who me? yes, she was definitely looking directly at me. Not being especially shy and retiring it seemed like a good idea despite not knowing a step, so I gyrated, hopefully in not too much of an embarrassing way, whilst she grooved like a pro. Great fun.

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